US Government Goes for EPEAT


It is like LEED for computers, and is mainly for business machines, but the EPEAT standards for energy efficiency and toxics just got a big boost from the American government. NASA, the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration all have committed to buying EPEAT certified machines.

Collin described EPEAT as covering eight criteria: materials selection, environmentally sensitive materials, design for end of life, end-of-life management, energy conservation, product longevity and life-cycle extension, packaging, and corporate performance.

The Feds buy 2.2 million computers per year, and where they go, businesses and computers follow. We look forward to all computers being EPEAT soon. Find out what you should buy at ::EPEAT and ignore the Greenpeace Mac-bashing- Mac Pros and desktops are all EPEAT silver. ::Greener Computing