Upgrading to iPhone 4? Gazelle Launches Mobile Site for Selling Your Old iPhone

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Photo via Jaymi Heimbuch

If you're excited about the news of the iPhone 4 and are itching to upgrade, Gazelle - one of our favorite gadget resell companies - has made it ridiculously easy to do soy creating a mobile site for customers to set up a trade in right from their old phone. It's all in preparation for the rush of new customers sure to be switching from their old 2G and 3G models to the newest device Apple has to offer. But the launch of a mobile site like this, especially in preparation for a big rush to Apple stores, has a bittersweet tinge. There's a different site we're wishing users were accessing on their iPhones...Consumer Electronics Daily News writes that with Gazelle's new site, customers can find out how much their old phone is worth in under a minute. Once they agree to the pricing, they can ship their old phone in to Gazelle for free and receive their payment. Right now, prices are hovering at around $250 for a used phone.

We love that people are eager to sell their old devices rather than dump them; there is little worse than the idea of the phones going to e-waste dumps. But here's where the news turns bitter: "Gazelle has already seen a record number of iPhone trades and expects that tens of thousands of Apple users will trade in 2Gs, 3Gs, and 3GSs to help offset the cost of upgrading to iPhone 4... This year, with so many 2G owners ready to take the leap to newer technology, Gazelle expects trade-in fever to have an even more noticeable impact on the market."

Yes, the new iPhone has a couple handy features like folders for your apps and a slightly larger battery, and of course there's the Facetime feature that allows for video calls. But ultimately, if our old devices are in great working condition and have a long life ahead of them, why are we rushing to upgrade? Rather than Gazelle's mobile site for trading in old phones, we're hoping consumers visit a different site: Last Year's Model. It's a place to both find inspiration for sticking with your trusty gadgets that you've had for awhile, and/or gloat about the fact that you have done just that.

If you're thinking it'd be nice to upgrade, or are on the fence about whether or not you need the new iPhone, check out Last Year's Model first. If you're still convinced you want the new phone, well, Gazelle is offering one of the easiest ways to ensure your old phone is put to good use and you make some pocket money off of it.

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