UPDATE: iRobot Still Saying Just Throw Your Broken Scooba In the Garbage?


Throw all this away?! There are electronics in there, let alone all that plastic!

15 days ago we posted about iRobot's shoddy recycling policies. They've responded. Click through to read the progress made on iRobot's practices after they saw this post.For a refresher:

TreeHugger Graham Hill recently bought a refurbished Scooba from iRobot. Upon arrival, the gadget didn't work. iRobot said they'd ship a new one, and while they've teamed up with Call2Recycle for recycling the batteries, they said to just go ahead and toss the Scooba and charger. In fact, not only did they say to toss it, but that it is "safe" to do so. Wait...say what? Put electronics in the trash?! Instead of razzing the company about this very un-eco-friendly lack of electronics recycling policies, we decided to help out by recommending possible solutions. We presented five ideas for what iRobot can do to green up their e-waste.

Within 24 hours of this post going up on TreeHugger, a representative of iRobot contacted us letting us know that they took the input to heart and were making changes. Specifically, they said this:

First of all, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We have a remanufacturing facility that recycles our products, http://www.prcind.com/. Unfortunately "remanning a reman" has slipped through the cracks, but we will correct this immediately.

We are taking several of the actions recommended in this article and will retrain our reps this week. In addition, we will have a public FAQ with proper disposal instructions proudly posted by early next week.

We wanted to wait until definite progress was made before we updated you about the great response; however, after emailing the company back saying we were excited about their response and wanted to be updated as the changes were put into place, we haven't heard back.

We did see the comment on the original post that the disposal instructions now say to recycle the products and not throw them away. However, a search of the site for disposal information, or even the FAQ section, yielded nothing. That means if the changes have been implemented, they aren't easy enough to find. We're still going to follow up again with the company in hopes to see the improvements through, and are hoping to hear back from iRobot about the progress. We'll keep you updated.

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