Un-TreeHugger: Electric Paper Plane Launcher

electric plane launcher photo

Image of 4m Electric Paper Airplane Launcher via Amazon.com

This is one gadget where you have to just ask: "Really? Really?"

It's an electric paper airplane launcher, because your arm isn't good enough.

And just guess what you use to power it...Yep, AA batteries. Because we want more alkaline batteries floating around. But the juice from the battery does let you launch your airplane at a head-ducking 30 MPH.

There is a cool element to this gadget - you put it together yourself. That could make for an interesting learning experience for 10-year-old burgeoning engineers. But then again, so could ditching the electronic gadget and working on a paper airplane design that works with low-speed propulsion (i.e. your arm).

Ultimately, though, it is plasticrap. Plasticrap + batteries that will get used for one day and put in a cupboard.

Via Red Ferret
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