Un-TreeHugger: Cigarette Lighter Built Into Cell Phone

cigarette lighter phone image

Images via Engadget

Fridays are so much more fun when there's a random un-TreeHugger gadget to show you all. The latest is a very un-green cell phone idea, that helps you pollute the air with cigarette smoke along with all the other emissions associated with mobile devices. Yes, light up with a built-in cigarette lighter!Engadget makes it clear that there is absolutely no evidence that this is a real item. But they also note - and we completely agree - that a cell phone with a built-in cigarette lighter is too good not to point out...especially on a Friday.

cigarette lighter

The Lighter Phone SB6309 is shown off at SeaBright. (Click with caution: I got a malware warning when I visited the site; I clicked anyway but found the site to be fairly useless in getting more info for you. Oh, the risky things I do out of love for our TreeHugger readers.)

While it looks similar to and has a lot of features of today's cell phones, it's doubtful you'll be able to find it at your nearest cell phone provider outlet. Thank goodness. While this might not necessarily be a purchasable item, it is an example of the lame novelty items that are.

Hopefully a cell phone is purchased with green thinking, and if you're a smoker, there are green options for you in dealing with toxic butts that are definitely more TreeHugger than this.

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