Ultra Surge Protector for Hand-to-Hand Combat with Vampire Power

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For the last nine years I've used a surge protector with individual switches for each electrical port. It allowed me to selectively shut power off to various peripherals, instead of having to shut off the whole strip like what you have to do with a standard surge protector power strip. It was a great way to combat vampire power on my own terms. In fact, it sounds identical to the one Mike Polo describes as his previous surge protector, which is why, as I find myself without my trusty bulky box-o-switches, I'm excited to read about the alternative he found. These aren't nearly as common as one might think, considering how desirable they are. More and more technology is going into technology like the Smart Power Strip - devices that detect the load and turn the power supply on or off based on what the device plugged into the outlet is doing. Or there is TrickleStar, which shuts power off to all peripherals automatically when the main device (a computer or television) is turned off.

However, some people want to have more control over the on/off switch for each outlet and fight vampire power mano y mano style. Which is why the Ultra Surge Protector is a great solution. How it compares to the Smart Power Strip and similar devices like CheckTap.

...That is, if you can get it. It's currently sold out at Amazon and TigerDirect, though you can still get it from OnHop for about $19.

Vampire power is getting easier to avoid, as are pizza box-sized surge protectors. And having both manual and auto options is nice.

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