Two Screens in One Laptop is E-Wasteful

fujitsu laptop LCD touch screen photo

Photo via Gizmodo

One screen is tough enough to green up in our struggle to reduce energy consumption and e-waste in laptops as much as possible. But Fujitsu has added a small but energy- and materials-wasting feature to their LifeBook family. It’s surprising coming from Fujitsu, who has done quite a few great things for computer gear. So this new little LCD screen development is a fly in the sugar bowl.

The new LifeBook N7010 features a 4-inch touch screen panel above the keyboard that can be used for quick-launch icons, media playback, or photos. While admittedly kinda cool, the point, other than novelty, isn’t readily apparent. The laptop could have been made much more greenly by ditching the added e-waste of an LCD screen.

Hopefully, Fujitsu will get back to developing the awesome green computer stuff we’ve grown to love them for.

Via Cnet
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