Tweet-A-Watt Kits Available for Twittering Your Energy Consumption

ladyada tweet-a-watt image

image by ladyada via Flickr CC
Greener Gadgets winner Tweet-A-Watt (@tweetawatt) has announced they have kits available so you can hack your Kill-A-Watt to tweet your energy consumption to your followers. The kits don't include the Kill-A-Watt, but do include everything else you need for the hack. A basic starter kit is priced at $90, and the add-an-outlet kit is $40. They're available at Adafruit Industries' website.

If you hack your Kill-A-Watt, be sure to let us know so we can follow you on Twitter with @TreeHugger and check out your energy efficiency progress. We'd love to know how twittering your consumption changes your habits.

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