TVs Meeting New Energy Star Standards Hitting Stores for Holidays


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The EPA will be helping holiday shoppers out with new Energy Star labels on TVs. Earlier this month we talked about Energy Star requirements toughening up on TVs, and new requirements going in place by November 1.

Well, also beginning November 1, TVs that meet EPA’s newer, more comprehensive specifications will be in stores and ready for green-minded consumers.

So, which TVs are getting new labels?With the switch to digital and many Americans buying new TVs to accommodate the change, having more stringent requirements and information for buying decisions is good news.

Televisions that meet the new Energy Star specification will be up to 30 percent more energy efficient than conventional models. If all televisions sold in the United States met the new Energy Star requirements, the savings in energy costs would grow to be about $1 billion annually and greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by the equivalent of about 1 million cars.

Consumers can check out Energy Star’s website and search for models that meet the new standards. There is also a downloadable Excel sheet with models listed that is current as of October 29th.

Consumers are also encouraged to ask sales associates for which models are newly qualified so that they are sure to get the most efficient models.

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