Turn Your iPhone Into An Environmental Sensor

For those of us who like to use our smart phone for pretty much every possible thing, there's an interesting product coming out -- the Lapka Environmental Monitor. It is a set of sensors for your iPhone that can detect radiation, electromagnetic feedback, nitrates in raw foods, and temperature and humidity. Basically, you'd be able to tell whether or not your food is organic, or the most comfortable spot in your home to relax where you won't get zapped by pollutants.

The product fact sheet states, "On the street, at the office, inside your child’s bedroom, or on an airplane: Lapka compares it’s results to average target values for each individual environment and suggests respective tolerance ranges. In other words, it doesn’t only precisely quantify, but also qualifies its measures. ... Lapka lets you collect snapshots throughout your day in order to create a comfort diary, or share them with the rest of the planet. See the smallest details that shape your world in order to learn about, respond to and play with them."

It sounds like a lot to live up to, what with being able to give "insanely precise" reads of radiation levels and telling you if your food or water has fake fertilizer in it. Though it is elegantly designed, we have our doubts about whether or not it will be more than a hardly-accurate novelty item. It is in final production stages so there's no way for us to test out if this works -- but if it does finally come to market in late 2012 as stated on the product website, then we'll sure be interested in trying it! Is this a product you'd use on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments.

Turn Your iPhone Into An Environmental Sensor
The Lapka Environmental Monitor is a set of sensors that allow you to detect anything from whether or not your food is organic to the most comfortable room in your home.

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