Turn A Playing Card into a Solar Battery Charger In About 10 Minutes

Want to make your own AA or AAA battery charger but want to use something more slender than an Altoids tin? This Instructable by Shawn Frayne (sfrayne) is a cool design change for building a charger -- you simply use an old playing card. [Insert magician joke here.]

The project is really basic, using just a few simple materials including "a playing card, some solettes, some magnets and super glue." It doesn't require soldering and takes just about 15 minutes of time.

Here's a video with some details.

Note that this project may get even easier later in the year. The creator, Shawn, writes:

"Where can you get the small bits of solar cells -- the solettes -- needed for these Instructables? Well, it's a pain right now. You can track these puppies down from suppliers in China, but they aren't easy to pin down. So, to make this easier, we're launching a Kickstarter campaign in August to get a solette-packed Solar Pocket Factory DIY kit out into the world. Until then, send me a message or post and I'll try to get you what info I can...!"

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