Smart Outdoor Lantern Uses Gravity to Adjust Its Brightness

Snow Peak Tulip Lantern camping© Snow Peak

A good lantern is a must for safe and comfortable camping. What's even better is an energy-efficient lamp that can adapt its lighting to fit the task. The self-adjusting, portable Tulip Lantern from outdoor tech company Snow Peak is one such smart lamp that can work both as a hanging or standing lamp, and will automatically modify its brightness and focal length depending on its position.

Using gravity to help determine how bright it will be, the Tulip Lantern's 250-lumen LED bulb will shine a broader and more ambient glow when hung upside down, while it will give a more narrow, focused beam when placed upright, thanks to its patented focusing lens.

Snow Peak Tulip Lantern camping© Snow Peak

But campers can have it both ways; the Tulip Lantern's flexible neck will allow users to produce both kinds of lighting depending on how it's twisted.

Elegantly designed, this intelligent lamp weighs only 13 oz. (without the 3 "D" batteries, which can be recharged via USB mini plug-in) and is capable of running for 300 hours when set on low, and will be available via the Snow Peak website for US $150 starting March 9.

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