TrickleStar's PC TrickleSwitch Adds Options to Fight Vampire Power

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Image via TrickleStar

Back in January's Consumer Electronic's Show, we talked with the creators of TrickleStar about their device that combats vampire power for computer and entertainment systems. They're now launching a new device to add to the system that gives users more control over power consumption. The PC TrickleSwitch is an add-on device for the TrickleSaver. The TrickleSaver automatically shuts off accessories connected to a computer or entertainment system when the main device (the PC or the TV) is switched off. However, the new device allows users to manually switch on or off particular devices when the PC is being used, without cutting off the TrickleSaver's ability to turn off the device when the PC is shut down.

It's a pretty basic little gadget, with a pretty basic little task. But if it cuts out excess power consumption then it might be well worth it. The device, along with an online store, will launch on June 1, 2009. No word yet on pricing. Check out our video interview with TrickleStar to see more about how the products help stop vampire power.

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