TransactionTree Is Boosting Paperless Receipts

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Receipts can be necessary, but they can also be a pain. And wasteful. Especially those wide and really long ones that have an excessive amount of information and advertising at the bottom, so you end up receiving a big wad of paper when you really only needed a quick note of money spent and maybe a website and phone number as store contact info.

Some stores are starting to go paperless, and TransactionTree is helping to make paperless receipts a convenient reality for more and more people. TransactionTree isn't anything's simply a system to email receipts to customers. But while it isn't novel, it can feel like a big relief for both businesses and customers. Trees are signing with relief too.

"We are excited to be able to bring this eco-friendly service to both retailers and customers alike," says TransactionTree CEO and Co-Founder Jason Shapiro. "Now more than ever, people are looking for the little things they can do during their day-to-day lives to help the environment, and choosing an electronic receipt is one simple way they can save our planet one transaction at a time."

The only downsides are for the customers, kind of. Retailers have an easier time tracking your shopping habits so they can send you specific offers - which is sometimes annoying - and they also have a better opportunity to greenwash, calling themselves a green store just because they aren't loading you down with paper as you leave with your goods.

TransactionTree paperless receipt system is also a way for a company to establish their image as a green retailer by eliminating the outdated paper and ink receipt process and reducing their effect on the environment i.e. their carbon footprint.

Hopefully retailers are conscious enough to not blow up this convenient paper-saving service to super-green proportions.

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