Tough Solar Charger: The Freeloader


The Freeloader is a new solar charger from the U.K. that sports a tough aluminum body. It's not exactly pocket-sized but it will fit nicely in a backpack or purse. It features fold-out panels for solar charging, or it can be charged conventionally through your computer's USB port. It comes with a variety of plugs and sockets, and will hold a charge for 3 months on its internal battery pack. It takes 5 hours to fully charge using the sun (and 3 hours with USB). Once charged, Freeloaders internal battery can power an iPod for 18hours, a mobile phone for 44 hours, PSP for 2.5 hours a PDA for 22 hours. The solar cells are rated 120mA, while the li-ion battery packs 1000mAh. It's priced at £29.99 (about $60). :: Freeloader