Toshiba's Laptop Fuel Cell: Patience is a Virtue


We've been waiting for a fuel cell-powered laptop for a long time, and there are lots of prototypes out there. There's the UltraCell, that works with most any laptop, plus model-specific designs from a couple of big electronics names; both Panasonic and IBM and Sanyo have one. While it seems that things are progressing and that the wait will soon be over, the latest news from Toshiba makes us thing we'll be paying taxes again before we can buy one of these puppies. To date, it's taken about four years to get the pieces of the fuel cell puzzle together; according to Tomoaki Arimura of Toshiba's Methanol Fuel Cell Group, Toshiba is working towards commercialization next year. There are still some bugs to work out: refilling the cells with methanol has proven tricky for some, and they can always be smaller and lighter. Here's to hoping we'll get our hands on one before TreeHugger is old and gray. ::BBC via ::Engadget