Toshiba Makes e-Cycling Easier with Expanded Recycling Program

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Toshiba is catching on to what a lot of other electronics manufacturers already know: free recycling programs of electronics are a good thing for the company, the consumer, and the environment.

They've given the concept a nod by expanding their free recycling program beyond just laptops, and it now includes many consumer electronics, regardless of the brand. Not only that, they're offering cash for usable gadgets. Toshiba's program expansion now includes some elements that should be "duh" steps for any electronics manufacturer. Old school programs usually provided a "perk" of accepting a customer's old gadget after they purchased a product from the company. But Toshiba now accepts junker gadgets and e-waste for recycling without requiring the user purchase a Toshiba product. Finger snaps. Dell was already on to this a couple years ago.

Really, e-cycling should be a free part of any electronics company or installation service, though some still charge.

Qualifying items include: laptops, Tablet PCs, monitors, projectors, cameras, camcorders, servers, home audio receivers, cell phones, car audio, home electronics, auto electronics, mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, game systems and GPS navigation systems.

As an awesome piece of the program, if your gadget still has usable life in it, Toshiba offers a buy-back option, so customers can get a little cash for their old stuff.

The expansion also gives a boost to Toshiba by making it now the most comprehensive trade-in program in the industry.

"The growth of Toshiba's free recycling program is a reflection of the company's dedication to promoting responsible disposal of hazardous waste," said Jeff Barney, general manager and vice president, Digital Products Division, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. "Recycling items regardless of the manufacturer is a natural step for Toshiba, considering the value we place on environmental responsibility."

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