Top Three Energy-Sipping, Battery-Powered Gadgets Of Summer


Here are three efficient gadgets that can stretch your batteries further this summer. The first is a cooler that can run on a 12V battery and sips just 24 watts on average: it's a Coolmatic by Waeco. These durable coolers have a control panel where you can set the exact cooling temperature you desire. They will keep your food and drinks icy cold for two days straight on a single 80aH battery. Up next is the 20-LED Pivot Lantern. Using the power of LEDs, it will run for approximately 3 days on 3 "D" size batteries (these of course can be rechargeables). It is mainly sold for use in hurricane, but they can be used in situation where portability is needed.

Our last gadget is the Battery Powered Fan, which is said to be the longest lasting battery powered fan available. It runs on 8 "D" sized batteries, and last 24 hours on average. It also fold flat for when you need to pack it.

There you have it — three highly efficient gadgets for summer excursions. It'd be nice if appliances with plugs were as energy sipping!