Tony Fadell, Inventor of the iPod, Talks About How He Created the Nest Thermostat

nest 2nd gen© Nest Labs

CNN has a good interview with Tony Fadell, creator of the iPod, about what it was like working at Apple, and how he went from creating the iPod to building a smart yet super simple thermostat. He dishes on the future of Nest and the lawsuit with Honeywell.

"Nest really came out of a process where I was trying to design the most connected and the most green home that I knew of. I was curious of just about everything that goes into a home and building a home. When it came to the heating and cooling system, I discovered there was your thermostat that controls 50-60% of your energy costs every year -- and no one knows how to use them and they're ugly and frustrating. I was like: this is a problem that's looking to be solved."

Read the full interview on CNN.

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