Toilet Made from Computer Parts Gives New Meaning to Flushing Your Cache

The Royal Data Throne by Steven Rodrig would be quite the addition to your home. This artist is one that always keeps us surprised at what new creations he crafts up with old computer parts. But this might be one of the most unique sculptures yet.

Rodrig writes, "This is a fun sculpture that is full of detail, it has guts in the tanks and a secret hiding place for under the lid. A fun and one-of-a-kind piece to brag about."

Don't worry, it isn't life-size, so there's no hooking it up to the water main to see if it works. It's a 12" x 11" x 5" version of a place to dump your data when you're done with it.

And if you want it in your home, it's $500 on Etsy.

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