Old School Tin Can Phone Works with Your Computer

tin can phone kickstarterMonkey Wrench Design/Video screen capture

If you ever long for the simple days of communicating through a tin can on a string, long no longer. Thanks to San Francisco-based Monkey Wrench Design, you can keep in touch with your friends with a tin can that connects to your computer or cell phone.

Replacing the string with a USB cord, "The Can" doubles as microphone and ear piece; you need to shuttle it between your mouth and ear to keep a conversation going. It connects to any Mac or PC, and there's even a mini-version that connects to any phone via a 3.5mm audio jack.

It's a silly idea, but that's not a bad thing. I most like the DIY option, though I don't see why the packet includes a an unopened can of tomato past- it seems most people could scrounge up their own tin can to upcycle.

If you want your own Can, check out the Kickstarter campaign and make sure to pledge by the end of May. Here's the video pitch:

Old School Tin Can Phone Works with Your Computer
A tin can connects to your computer via USB to add a dash of childhood to your conversations.

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