Timbuk2 Power Series Charges Laptops, iPads, Smartphones on the Go

It really sucks to run out of power for your gadgets when you're on the move, because that means finding a place to plug in and wait until you're fully charged. But if you've got one of the Power Series bags from Timbuk2, you can charge your gear while it's in your bag, making sure you're fully powered up when you arrive.

Timbuk2 has two new bags for the gadget-minded commuter - the Power Commute Messenger Bag and the Power Q Backpack - and just like the rest of the Timbuk2 line, they're built to handle all of your daily gear, including a laptop, iPad, and water bottles, but they also feature a built-in charging pack for powering all of your mobile devices.

The bags come with the Joey Energy T1 charging pack, which can charge just about any mobile device that uses a USB cable, and is said to be rugged and water-resistant. A "satellite unit" in a dedicated pocket in the bag contains the USB ports and LED lights, with integrated cable ports for threading the charging cables to your gadgets while charging.

The Joey unit is a 'smart' charger, powering up when a device is plugged into it, and the unit itself can be charged up via micro-USB cable. According to Timbuk2, the Joey is capable of two full charges for smartphones, and is designed to be recycled at the end of its life.

Both the Power Commute and the Power Q retail for about $200. Now all you need is a renewable energy charging source for the Joey power pack itself, and you'll have your own mobile green charging solution.

Timbuk2 Power Series Charges Laptops, iPads, Smartphones on the Go
Stay powered up on the run with these bags from Timbuk2 featuring built-in charging packs.

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