This Phone App Will Help You Change Your Light Bulbs

lighbulbfinder app imageLighbulbFinder /Video screen capture

Okay so this app doesn't help you physically change your lightbulbs, though that would be really cool, but it does help you figure out to which energy-saving bulbs you should switch so you can change out the old electricity-suckers out.

The free LightbulbFinder is available for iPhone and Android-powered phones, and it was selected as a winner as "best over all" prize in the Environmental Protection Agency's Apps for the Environment Challenge.

The Telegraph notes, "The challenge was open to all comers, starting last June. From 38 entries, a panel of program experts and managers from the E.P.A. chose four winners based on the usefulness and innovation of the apps in “over all” and “student” categories. Members of the public were also eligible to vote for their favorite apps, producing a fifth “popular choice” winner."

lighbulbfinder app imageLighbulbFinder/Video screen capture

The app is pretty cool. You just enter your ZIP code to find out how much energy you will save based on local electricity rates, it helps you choose a bulb style and the type of light you prefer (warm, mimicking daylight, etc) and it will even help you buy them through online shopping right from your phone. Easy peasy.

Here's a video on how it works.

This Phone App Will Help You Change Your Light Bulbs
Figure out which lightbulbs you like best and start saving energy!

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