The Mud Computer Brings Gamers Back to the Earth (Video)

tom gerdhardt's mud computer at itp 2009's spring show from Gizmodo on Vimeo.

The tank of mud you see before you is more than just a tank of mud - though that alone could be a lot of fun to squish your fingers through. However, underneath all that mud is a computer, and you use the mud to control it. Checkout the Mud Tub in action after the jump.The computer is intended as a way to bring people back to having a more tactile interaction with their computers. And it definitely is an interesting way to play a computer game other than using a hard plastic mouse, or punching hard plastic keys with your fingertips.

From creator Tom Gerhardt:

By sloshing, squishing, pulling, punching, etc...users control games, simulators, and expressive tools; interacting with a computer in a new, completely organic, way. Born out of a motivation to close the gap between our bodies and the digital world, the Mud Tub frees the traditional computer interaction model of it's rigidity, allowing humans to use their highly developed sense of touch, and creative thinking skills in a more natural way.

Sounds like a very fun, earthy way to interact with electronics. Whether or not it counts as green gaming is debatable. But encouraging people to get their hands a little dirty and interact with natural materials is never a bad thing. More video on the Mut Tub can be found at Gerhardt's website.

Via Gizmodo
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