The First Solar Computer Case that Charges Computers

It seems that my growing dependence on my PowerBook, iPod, cell, and other gizmos is outstripping the battery endurance these devises can supply me. In fact, the more attention I give my little electronic horde, the less amenable they become in the energy department. I've been in the market for a solar bag for a while but have held out because, for all the coolness of available models, these computer bags don't yet actually charge computers. That line has now been crossed, however, by the Eclipse Solar Gear Hybrid Notebook Case. Onboard is a charging inverter and a battery pack that can charge a laptop as well as PDAs, cell phones, MP3 players, GPS units and satellite radio systems. The Hybrid Notebook Case also has an "integrated cooling solution" intended to improve your computer's energy efficiency. Innovus Designs, creator of the case, won an award for the design from the Consumer Electronics Assoc. this year, and plans to release the product soon in different sizes and body materials. Also from Eclipse, we've covered their Solar Flare messenger bag (great name). Other solar bags of note are the Voltaic, Solarstyle, Solio, and Reware. (see them rounded up here). The need for enduring battery performance was pushed into the foreground for me this weekend as I missed recording significant portions of Al Gore's lectures (part of the Climate Project trainings) on my iPod because my MP3 couldn't keep up with the former Vice President. I'm at the point where a dependable energy source is worth looking like I'm imitating Mission Impossible. ::Eclipse Solar Gear via Hugg (google)

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