The Credit Card Lightbulb For Tiny, Portable Lighting

credit card light photo

Photo via Think Geek product page

Better than a little flashlight on your keychain, this tiny light fits inside a wallet. The same size as a credit card, only thicker, the bulb portion flips up for instant light on its own little stand.

Coolest Gadgets writes, "In order to activate it, you just tilt the small lightbulb into the upright position. The rest of the card works perfectly as a stand to hold up the light."

They're $4.99, though out of stock right now, and come with batteries. But try as we might, we haven't been able to find out a) what kind of batteries, b) if they're rechargeable or even replaceable or c) what kind of light is used. We think most likely that despite the cute iconic incandescent shape, the card uses LED lights, which would make the most sense.

But without rechargeable batteries, what would be a handy light for a purse or wallet isn't exactly a green little gadget. How perfect would a small solar cell be for this? Have a solar cell on one side of the bulb or stand so that it can be set in a window and build up what little charge it would need to run, then placed in a wallet for back-up light? Or perhaps it would go perfectly well in a purse that has built-in solar cells, using the purse itself for a charge! Finally, a gadget that would go really well with solar, and it's nowhere to be found. Bummer.

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