Televisions Will Consume More Energy Than a Fridge


Once visited a new friend's apartment to find a ginormous plasma television dominating the living room. Maybe noticing the arc of my eyebrows, she swiftly disowned it, "It's not mine. I'm minding it for a friend." I've always been bemused how, on one hand we want to 'go out' for a coffee or a meal, but on the other feel some burning need to bring the cinema experience home. Was therefore happy to have my prejudges reinforced recently when encountering this quote: "By 2012, it will be safe to say that televisions will use more power than the average refrigerator in an average household." So said Keith Jones of Digital CEnergy Australia, who consults to the Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) and was once the General Manager of Panasonic TV (Australia). He goes further, saying that early generation plasmas can be four times as energy hungry as the venerable CRT (cathode ray tube) tellies. We do note that the AGO reckon fridges contribute 9% to an average households greenhouse gas emissions, so having your TV rank alongside such a hefty figure is significant. If you are going to have one of these behemoths in your home, then it seems that rear projection units are currently the best bet, followed by modulating backlight LCD models. But whatever your television, turning it off at the wall is always a positive option. See some of Keith's papers on the TV power consumption at the US EPA site. Quote was found at ::Renovation Nation.

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And yeh, my image selection is a bit over the top, but it does indicate the direction in which trends are headed.

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