Teenager invents a flashlight powered by the heat from your hand

hollow flashlight photo
Screen capture Queenie Andini

Portable light sources have been one of the most evolving inventions in history -- from the primative torches and oil lamps of yesteryear, to today's battery-powered flashlights and headlamps. But through it all, most of these illuminating tools have required an outside energy source that would deplete when needed the most.

But now, thanks to one particularly enlightened 15-year-old girl from Canada, your next flashlight just might be powered by the heat from your hand. Introducing, the thermoelectric 'Hollow Flashlight' -- submitted for the Google Science Fair.

This science-minded young lady named Annie, who introduced her invention on her YouTube account under the name username Queenie Andini, describes how it works in terms that may go over the heads of many. Over her head, however, there is clearly a lightbulb.

While there are presently only few details available at the moment about her invention beyond what she's shared here, the Hollow Flashlight and its creator seem poised for stardom. It's hard not to be humbled, and in many ways reassured, that the upcoming generation not only sees that there's still room to improve the world -- but have the knowhow to realize it.

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