Take Pictures from Space with Kepler Space Kit

DIY images from space is a fun trend in photography, and a great way to interest kids in science. An upcoming kit by Quirky would make sending a camera up to 100,000 feet above the ground possible.

"The base Kepler kit transforms with minimal waste: the kite turns into a parachute, the rods into landing legs, and the custom mount supports a capsule for high-flying travel. Add a weather balloon and a GPS transmitter, and your iPhone or Go Pro camera will be ready to blast off and return with footage of the great beyond "

What's not included are the essentials: helium, weather balloon, GPS for GoPro, batteries, and an audio beacon. So it is not exactly a complete kit. Another downer is the photobombing committed by the rods/landing legs. Every photo has the black lines cutting into it:

The up side is that these are great tools for people who don't want to fashion their own housing for photos from the upper atmosphere, and you can partake in the fun for minimal funds. There is no price yet for the kit, but we assume that it'll be fairly inexpensive. It should at least be cheaper than $150 since you can build your own set-up for that amount. Here's how it works:

Take Pictures from Space with Kepler Space Kit
A fun way to learn about technology and science is to launch a camera into space and see what photos return back to Earth. This kit will help you do that.

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