Swiss Army Knife Makers Debut Portable Solar Chargers

swiss army charger© Wenger

A Swiss Army knife will always be handy, but as we rely more and more on our gadgets for navigation, communication and a whole host of useful apps for the outdoors, keeping their batteries charged has become a necessary part of our outdoor adventures. So leave it to Wenger, the maker of the ultimate outdoor tool to add to the portable solar charger category.

The new line of solar chargers comes in three sizes and each feature polycrystalline solar panels and lithium-ion batteries connected by USB. A nice addition is a five-pronged USB cable that lets you charge up to four gadgets at once. The chargers fold up for easy storage and portability and can be laid flat or fastened to tents, backpacks or even your bike for charging.

swiss army charger 2© Wenger

The sizes include a two-panel, 2.25-watt version for $180 to the six-panel, a four-panel, 4.5-watt version for $270 and a 6.75-watt Pro model for $340. The battery on the Pro model takes five hours to fully charge. All have the option of adding a 3-watt LED light for $70 so that the panels can act as a solar-powered flashlight.

Swiss Army Knife Makers Debut Portable Solar Chargers
The creators of the most popular survival tool want to help you charge your gadgets off the grid.

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