The Sustainability of Tablets (Infographic)

There's no denying that tablet devices have arrived and they are the latest Big Thing for technology. Consumers are finding new uses for them daily, uses that prove they will not be fading away like a fashion trend. We have already created a buying guide that shows off the pros and cons of the hottest tablets on the market so you can make smarter shopping decisions. But this infographic looks at the pros and cons of these new devices in a slightly deeper way, zeroing in on the implications this rapid growth in the tablet market has for the environment -- issues like a growth in e-waste, embodied energy and water footprints, and a reduction in printing.

“All signs point to tablets being the hottest gift around this upcoming holiday season. The frenzy has already begun with Black Friday and Cyber Monday,” explains Neil Bhapkar, Director of Marketing at Uberflip, in a blog post. “It’s important that we as businesses and consumers don’t lose sight of how this widespread tablet adoption is impacting the sustainability of our natural resources and environment.”

Uberflip provides us this infographic with stats and numbers gathered from sources including World Wildlife Foundation, Morgan Stanley Research and Greenpeace.

The Sustainability of Tablets (Infographic)
This infographic describes the pros and cons of the tablet devices that have taken over the gadget scene.

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