Survey Says Notebook Users Want Green, Long-Lasting Batteries

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I know – fairly unsurprising, right? But still worth a gander at the survey results of a Harris Interactive poll And definitely worth the attention when it comes to manufacturers listening to consumer desire and making needed improvements on batteries.

Basically the survey states that while people want overall better batteries, they’re willing to pay more money for batteries that are better for the environment. A full 36% of notebook owners. That’s a nice big chunk of the market. And that’s not all people are willing to pay more for. People Will Pay More for Better Batteries
First, a little about the company sponsoring the survey – Boston-Power. This particular company manufactures batteries, and focuses directly on making better, more environmentally friendly batteries. So of course they want the survey to reflect that consumers want exactly this. Let’s get that out of the way off the bat. But that said, working towards better, cleaner batteries is a really good thing. So we still like the survey results. And companies don’t hire third party market research companies to tell them bogus info. Usually.

Besides environmentally friendly batteries, 51% of notebook owners are willing to pay more for a battery with a two year warranty, and 54% say they’re willing to pay more for a battery that recharges more quickly.

Notebook Owners Are (Getting More) Environmentally Minded
Well, sort of. The book news is that 7% of notebook owners use manufacturer-related disposal methods, 6% use recycling centers, 6% exchange their old battery when they purchase a new one, and 5% put the old battery in a bin at a retail outlet.

While these percentages are small, they all beat out the 4% of notebook owners that toss their batteries in the trash.

Add the consumer desire for environmentally friendly products onto this desire to be responsible for a product through its lifetime, and we have a recipe for a beautiful green revolution when it comes to making our electronics last a whole lot longer, which is a very green in and of itself.

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