Survey: Do You Care About Repairability of the New Macbook Pro?

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After Jaymi wrote that the Verdict Is In: MacBook Pro with Retina Display Really Sucks, based on iFixit's teardown of the hot new machine, it sparked a lot of debate around the virtual water cooler:

TreeHugger 1: When it comes to electronics and the future of our planet, if you want a planet worth living on, we have to move to repairability. This disposability culture in consumer electronics is environmental disaster. Period.

TreeHugger 2: I disagree with the "being able to fix it" would get more customer loyalty...i think the bulk of people do not want to repair and upgrade it themselves. i think that is a niche... I suspect most consumers are in the same boat as me.

TreeHugger 3: Most people who open a laptop probably have more chances of breaking it than fixing it I think repairability is a must, but DIY repairability won't often be practical....their goal was to make it thin and light, and the more screws and fixtures for screws and trapdoors and such you add, the bigger and heavier it becomes. I don't think their primary goal was to keep others out, even if that's the end result.

I personally agree with TreeHugger 1, who nails it here:

This topic is about SO MUCH MORE than repairability. It's about doing things sustainably because it's right. I'm sorry but at some point we have to put consumerism on the backburner and say, "You know what folks? We've f**ked up the planet with e-waste dumps and mines and I guess it's time to figure out how the hell to design something that can be repaired and upgraded easily, and hang on to your gear for a lot longer."

Where do you stand on the new Apple Macbook?

Survey: Do You Care About Repairability of the New Macbook Pro?
Some people like to be able to open up their computers and fix or upgrade them; others prefer it thinner and lighter.

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