SunSocket portable solar generator tracks the sun for maximum output

sunsocket portable solar generator
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These days, small, portable solar generators are a dime a dozen, but there is quite a range in quality and output. A new entry in this field is distinguishing itself by adding technology usually seen only in large-scale solar installations. The SunSocket Solar Generator's built-in solar panel automatically tracks the sun, a feature that makes a big impact in its performance.

The design of the SunSocket is pretty impressive too. A sleek metal case contains the panel and all electronic components and weighs in at just 25 pounds. When opened, the almost four-feet-wide panel folds out and when turned on begins to track the sun. The tracking allows the panel to fully charge the internal battery in just five hours.

When in good sunlight, gadgets can be hooked up to charge for as long as needed. A fully-charged battery offers 25 hours of charge time for devices.

The device includes a 100-watt inverter with universal plug, a 12-volt plug, USB plugs and a port for charging the battery directly from the grid if necessary and is currently retailing for $1,499. The major drawback of the SunSocket though is that it is not a rugged generator. It's not weatherproof and can only be used in dry weather, which is fine for people who just want a solar back-up generator for occasional use or even as a regular gadget charger, but means it definitely isn't meant for any emergency response applications.

You can view a video of the device below.

SunSocket portable solar generator tracks the sun for maximum output
The small solar generator does what only large-scale solar installations typcially do and follows the sun for maximum energy output.

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