Students create 3D grass printer

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Art students Tina Zidanšek, Danica Rženičnik, Urška Skaza and Maja Petek in Maribor, Slovenia have come up with a process for creating beautiful 3D-printed grass designs that allows gardens to come alive with artful designs.

The team says that Tiskaj Zeleno, or Print Green, "unites art, technology and nature. The base of the project is a CNC machine designed to print a mixture of soil, water and seeds. The results of the project are printed pictures that turn green over time."

The user can come up with any creative layered design that will eventually sprout and become a grassy object that can be taken care of like a plant. We've seen a few different 3D printing mediums from plastic to metal, moon rock and sand, and while the others are really meant to build useful objects, this one seems to exist to bring happiness through green designs, and that's OK by us.

You can watch a video of the Print Green in action below.

printGREEN from Simon Tržan on Vimeo.

Students create 3D grass printer
The printer makes designs from soil, seeds and water that sprout and grow into lovely living artwork.

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