Streamflow iPhone App: Mobile Monitoring of Streams and Rivers

When ice melts from the world's glaciers, antarctica and the arctic all that water evaporates and has to come down somewhere as rain. So with record flooding on the Mississippi, Austrailia and elsewhere, the new free iPhone app Streamflow is a good tool for anyone who needs to monitor river heights during flood events (also check out the online FEMA flood hazard maps here). However, it's also useful to keep an eye on water levels for fish. Streamflow displays real-time stream heights and flow data read from U.S. Geological Survey river gaging sites tracking 9,935 water flow and discharge sites from gauge stations throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and even Antarctica -- a continent which deserves our focus leading to the year 2041. It displays current measurements and provides interactive charts plotting one, seven, 30 or 90 day views.

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