Still Looking for a Good Public Transit App for your iPhone? Google Maps is Back to iOS

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What is Old is New Again

Apple might have a market cap of half a trillion dollars, but that doesn't make it omnipotent. With the release of iOS 6 Maps, the fruit company has found out the hard way that making full-featured, accurate mapping software is hard. Even if we forget about the countless reports of Apple Maps directing people in the middle of nowhere, far from their intended destination, a big piece of the puzzle was still missing: Transit directions.

Apple employs many of the best software engineers and designers in the world, and it has the cash to buy what it can't build in-house, so I don't doubt that they can and will make their Maps app much better over time. But in the meantime, if you need a full-featured mapping app that has transit info, check out Google's reintroduction of its Google Maps app in the Apple App Store.

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Google Maps: Improved Formula

While the old Google Maps app that shipped with all Apple iOS devices until iOS version 6 was perfectly fine, Google has decided not to rest on its laurel and took advantage of its moment in exile from iOS to improve its mapping app. They redesigned and streamlined the interface and added gestures to do various things, and they followed Apple in making the maps vector-based graphics, which are lighter on bandwidth, something that can be especially scarce for mobile devices. You can now even see inside "more than 100,000 businesses worldwide"! Someday they'll probably have a streetview of your living room...

The public transit directions are still there and very well implemented, and you can find your way around not only by car (with turn-by-turn directions), but also be train, bus, subway or with walking directions. Giving people choices = awesome. Thanks Google!

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So far it looks like there was still a big pent-up demand for Google Maps on iOS, because within hours of release, the app rocketed to the top of the App Store's charts. It's free, and you can get it here: Google Maps iOs on the iTunes Store.

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