Steve Jobs: New Apple Nano iPods to be Greener

Steve Jobs iPod 4G Nanos Taller photo

New iPod Nanos 4G: Taller & Greener
Our friends at Gizmodo are covering Apple's media event today, and Jason Chen wrote on Gizmodo's Live Coverage Site:

"He's now talking about the environmental concerns that Apple's thinking about. These new nanos are using arsenic-free glass, BFR-free, mercury free, PVC-free and highly recyclable. Jobs says it's the "cleanest" most "toxic free" iPods they've ever made."

Sounds like a step in the right direction! We hope that Apple will keep going and take leadership in the field of green consumer electronics. They already do some efforts on recycling: Apple Recycles iPods, Computers, All Brands of Cell Phones, but more is needed in product design (f.ex. Make products easier to de-assemble for recycling, use only recyclable materials, allow batteries to be changed, use even fewer toxic materials, etc).

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