Static! Increasing Energy Awareness

One of the big challenges in getting people to embrace a greener lifestyle is providing direct positive feedback on the changes they make. A research project out of Sweden, under the name of Static! has been tackling this dilemma. To paraphase their objectives, they are setting out to make energy visible and tangible to all senses, while expressing the relations among different forms of energy used and supporting reflection on the energy behaviors over time. The Power Aware Cord (shown here) is but one of their projects. Electroluminescent wires in the cord produce different patterns of glowing colours to indicate the level of energy being used. In another project, the Disappearing-Pattern Tiles harness "a thermo-chromic (or heat reactive) ink, which fades when exposed to hot water in a shower. "The longer the shower, the less decoration on the wall! The architectural surface acts as a subtle reminder of personal energy use over time, reflecting the duration and waste of water during a shower." Thanks to Cameron T, for the tip. Via Information Aesthetics. More @ ::Static!