Startup Aims to Build's World's First Big Open Data Platform for the Oceans

One company's goal of building a "one-stop" data platform for satellite and in-situ ocean measurements just came a step closer, thanks to their newly designed web interface, enhanced dataset collection and filtering, and easy sharing options.

The sheer amount of ocean data collected every year is staggering, but without a central location for sharing it all, it can be hard for scientists to easily get their hands on the data that they may need to further their studies. But Marinexplore hopes to change that.

Making the world's public oceanographic data easily available and sortable is behind Marinexplore's platform, and the current iteration allows users to visualize and combine satellite data with in-situ ocean measurements from 10 different ocean platforms. Users can then download the aggregated data, share their view of the data, ask for insights and answers from the Marinexplore community, or collaborating with other marine scientists and explorers around the globe.

"Finding and assembling a custom marine dataset was very time-consuming. Marinexplore is the first to bring all the segregated public data together on a 3-D data structure, helping professionals to save time." - Rainer Sternfeld, founder and CEO of Marinexplore

Marinexplore was first launched as an alpha version last August, but multiple refinements to the platform since then have made the tool easier and more intuitive to use, and the platform's sharing tools can help users capture a snapshot of their datasets to share with a single click. Currently, the system includes some 1.2 billion measurements taken from a variety of devices (some 24,000 in-situ platforms), including buoys, ocean platforms, satellites, wave gliders, and floats.

Marinexplore can handle different types of data, integrating them to build a more comprehensive view for analysis and forecasting.

"In Marinexplore, data are related to a specific location, depth and time. Weaving data together from multiple sources greatly increases the value of individual measurements, further analysis, application outputs and forecasts."

The platform and community are free to join and use, with some restrictions on the amount of datasets and downloads per day. See more at Marinexplore.

Startup Aims to Build's World's First Big Open Data Platform for the Oceans
A Silicon Valley startup launches a data repository and collaborative tool for the marine community as another step toward open ocean data.

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