Spend the Summer at Maker Camp, Learning to Build, Hack, and DIY

One of the coolest ideas for a summer camp is launching this Monday, July 16th -- it's Maker Camp! It's your chance to learn from the smart minds at Make Magazine and beyond. And you don't have to pack a bag and head off to some campground -- you can participate right from your living room.

The fun starts next week on Google+. That's right, it's done via online hangouts. The schedule includes Maker Monday, Tinkering Tuesday, Weird Science Wednesday, Theoretical Thursday, and Field Trip Friday.

From Make:
It's free and open to all on Google+. We'll have 30 days of awesome projects, from July 16 until August 24. Every morning a new project will be introduced by an expert camp counselor who will give campers tips and advice on successfully building the project. Materials lists for projects will be posted in advance so you will have time to find supplies needed for the next day's project. In the afternoon, campers can join the camp counselor in a hangout to talk about the project and look at photos campers have submitted.

So... think you'll attend?

Spend the Summer at Maker Camp, Learning to Build, Hack, and DIY
This summer you can attend the most amazing camp, without even leaving your living room!

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