Sony's Green Glove is Great...But Catchy

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On America Recycles Day (last Saturday for anyone who missed it), Sony Style launched its Green Glove Service, a program that intends to help keep e-waste out of landfills.

But, as so often happens with do-good programs, it isn't without a catch. The Green Glove services offers customers the opportunity to have their old TVs hauled off to a responsible recycler. But did you catch that key word? Customers The service is for people who purchase a 32" or larger new Sony Bravia LCD TV at a Sony Style store or at the website and have it delivered to their home.

As catchy as a fishing line with 40 hooks.

If you want to recycle your TV without any gimmicks, Sony does have an option. You can head to a local Waste Management Recycle America drop off location with your Sony TV and be done with it. You can also be done with the worry of whether or not that TV will be recycled properly — Waste Management has pledged with BAN to be a responsible recycler. So has Sony.

Since the affiliation began, Sony Electronics and Waste Management Recycle America have worked together to collect more than 11.9 million pounds of electronics waste, and the companies anticipate the number to grow exponentially in the years ahead.

Yay! Congrats to such a big effort to reduce e-waste.

Now we only ask that Sony (and all other electronics companies) stop producing electronics that get tossed so quickly in the first place. Though I suppose we can't hammer them about the TV thing too much, since that whole e-mess is industry-wide.

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