Sony Ericsson Announces Two Green Phones; Meet the Elm and the Hazel

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As part of their GreenHeart effort to release mobile phones that lean on the eco-friendly side, Sony Ericsson has released two options - the Elm and the Hazel - both of which seem to have green features that set them above other similar devices on the market, including using recycled materials and eliminating toxic materials. The new phones do more than just ditching the paper manuals. Right down to the packaging, we're excited about these two new releases. One big problem we have with "green" phones is that the super fancy phones everyone fawns over are not green. The green options are usually pretty blah, and are offered to people on a budget - which when it comes to cell phones, doesn't hit a huge segment of the American consumer population. Compare something like Samsung's Renew to the iPhone. Not much competition, right? So we need nice phones that are green.

That's what Sony Ericsson provides with the Elm and the Hazel, part of their GreenHeart project. "The Sony Ericsson Elm and the Sony Ericsson Hazel phones offer consumers a green choice without compromising on features or fun." said Fortuné Alexander, Global Marketing Director at Sony Ericsson. Cheesy, but true.

sony ericsson green phone photo

The Elm phone

They aren't perfectly green, but they have their eco-cred. Both phones are made of recycled plastic, and are free from hazardous chemicals. They have the manual inside the phone, and use chargers that are more energy efficient than standard chargers. They also have another interesting feature - a Walk Mate eco application that shows users how to get to a destination by walking rather than driving. As well, they have a green calculator that shows how much CO2 you're saving by walking, minimized packaging, and use waterborne paint.

Yet, they still manage to be really beautiful, highly functional phones, boasting 5.0 megapixel autofocus cameras and media players - helping them to also be all-in-one devices so users can minimize the number of gadgets they consume - and a battery that holds up to 10 hours of talk time in GSM mode, or 3 hours talk time in video mode.

sony ericsson green phone photo

The Hazel phone

Steve Alder, General Manager Group and UK Devices for O2, said: "Offering Sony Ericsson GreenHeartâ„¢ phones to our customers has been a part of our strategy to integrate sustainability across all our products and services thereby helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint. As an industry it is essential we embrace innovation in this area and incorporating greener credentials across our product portfolio is certainly a focus for us moving forwards."

Not bad. Not perfect, but certainly not bad. And Sony Ericsson is a company that puts its green foot forward in a lot of ways. We'll keep you updated on launch dates (somewhere in the second quarter of 2010), but expect these to be among more green phone options in the near future. We'll also, of course, keep you updated when a company finally puts out a truly green cradle-to-cradle phone.

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