Sony Ericsson Adds The Cedar Cell Phone to GreenHeart Line

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Sony Ericsson is adding on to their GreenHeart line of greenish cell phones with a new release, the Cedar. Just two years ago, the GreenHeart line held only a concept phone, but now it is several models strong as Sony Ericsson focuses on designing cell phones with ever smaller footprints. The Cedar features business practicality with social networking tools necessary for any mobile device these days...and it has a few nice green(er) features we can appreciate. Green cell phones are a bit of a conundrum; how eco-friendly can a device be if it is replaced every 18 months by a new version? We tend to get more excited about people who keep their phones than those who upgrade to the latest and greatest "green" model. Yet, we also want to encourage companies to only produce items that are easy on the environment, and embrace cradle-to-cradle design, especially in the highly toxic and environmentally damaging electronics industry.

So, head nod to Sony Ericsson for continuing on a path to design and produce cell phones with smaller footprints. The Cedar lines up with the GreenHeart commitment, which means it utilizes recycled plastics, uses an energy efficient charger, stores its manual online rather than in print, and minimizes packaging. Here are the specifics for what makes a phone model qualify as a "GreenHeart" phone. The standards are something...not much, but something. We'd love to see a whole lot more stringent requirements, including a lifespan of 5 or 10 years, upgradability or easy repair information so the user can keep it running themselves, and other aspects of design that keep an item around for as long as possible. We're hoping that's quickly coming down the pipe from Sony Ericsson and other companies -- after all, more than just putting the manual online is necessary when trying to green things up.

The Cedar
will hit stores next quarter, but if it's going to be sold in San Francisco, though, it'll need to also to highlight its radiation level.

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