Sony Displays Fuel Cell-Powered Speaker Prototypes

sony fuel cell speaker photo

Photos via Tech On

In the line-up of gadgets being engineered to run on fuel cells comes speakers by Sony. The company is showing off a retro-style speaker that utilize direct methanol fuel cells at the International Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Expo last week.

In the prototypes exhibited this time, a DMFC powers a device while its output is from 550 to 600mW. And the Li-ion secondary battery supplements power when the output becomes larger. When the device uses less than 550mW, the DMFC's excess power is used to charge the Li-ion secondary battery.

If used for just a few hours a week, the speaker's fuel ell can last as long as a year before needing a refill. The prototype here uses four fuel cells and a Li-ion battery. If the power use is more than 2 watts, the Li-ion kicks in to help out the fuel cells. When the power use drops back down, the fuel cells recharge the Li-ion.

Sony is also showing off a few fuel cell device chargers - one looking like a cute keychain speaker, and one looking like....well, something space aged.

sony fuel cell charger photo

sony fuel cell charger photo

Via Tech On
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