Sonata Battery Now Available in HP Notebooks

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Back in December we mentioned that Boston Power's new Sonata battery would be available for HP laptops. We're excited to say, they're here! As a reminder, the reason we care is because the battery is said to last three years without losing its charge capacity, which is a whole lot longer than existing batteries. So, it will hopefully encourage users to keep their perfectly good laptops for longer, since they won't see a diminished charging capability.

For 18 existing HP laptop models, customers can purchase the Boston-Power Sonata battery for $150.00 as an "accessory." It's a pretty decent price considering the product - it's the only battery that comes with a 3-year warranty. It will soon be a far cheaper upgrade option - within the month, consumers can add it on when they purchase their laptop, and we're hoping it'll be in the $20-$30 range we heard about in December.

Via Press Release

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