Solid State Drives Getting Ready to Take Over

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While we've been hearing about them for awhile now, solid state drives are rapidly growing in popularity, and that means stronger, longer-lasting devices and hopefully much less wasted energy and e-waste in our near future.

Read on for when to expect solid state drives to take over our electronics. Solid state drives (SSD) are quieter, stronger, and faster than all the moving parts our gadgets currently require to function. Soon, energy efficient drives will be in all our gadgets, making them less costly to run and longer lasting. That is good green news.

This new explosion in solid-state memory represents not only a revolution in the power and speed of a whole range of consumer electronics but also a huge growth market in an otherwise grim economy. That's true of SSDs, the commercial-grade version of solid-state memory designed to store and retrieve massive amounts of data, as well as removable SD (secure digital) cards and their cousins, onboard flash-memory chips (the solid-state memory inside iPod Nanos and Shuffles).

Industry experts are expecting that hard disk drives (HDD) are headed out the door to be replaced with SSD, and soon. Predictions are that SSD sales will shoot up 136% by 2012. But it goes beyond improving the efficiency and storage capabilities of our personal devices. It also means great changes for data centers, which have been rushing to cut back on energy use for some time now, and businesses that need to store more and more information without increasing costs.

Solid state drives are not only going to make businesses and gadget consumers happier, but also those of us concerned with cutting back on energy consumption, and avoiding e-waste at every turn.

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