solCHAT Brings Solar Power to Bluetooth

solCHAT solar bluetooth device image

image via Scosche

Ok, so it's not terribly exciting. But when we're looking for any small way to go off grid, it's nice to see new solar powered products for things we use often. And that's why we want to tell you about solCHAT. Scosche has released a $100 solar powered bluetooth speaker for cars so you can be safe and hands-free while driving.

You simply stick it to your windshield and it charges up the lithium ion rechargeable battery inside. If you need it at night, there's a car adapter to plug in. You only need to sync your phone with it once - it'll remember your phone the next time it's in proximity.

So, like I said, not terribly exciting but definitely useful. If you're in need of another gadget like this and you want to do something a wee bit more green than standard, consider this an option.

Via i4u
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