Solarwebworks & EcoSky - When More is Better Than Less

Back in December '04 we ran a story on AISO, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) who were 100% sun powered. At the time they appeared to be on their lonesome. Yet, now we seem to have a post a week on such things. Can only be all good. So, why not mention a couple more, to keep the ball rolling. There is SolarWebWorks, for example. With a name like that they certainly aren't hiding their light under a bushel. They claim to be "one of the world's first and only web design companies that is powered by renewable energy." And they market such eco advantage with this: "We provide internet services similar to those you receive from our competitors, but without the pollution and permanent damage to the environment." Hard to argue really.
Their actual ISP connection is provided by EcoSky, a "company that values ecological sustainability", who are powered with solar and wind juice. They don't just buy green power but have their own 'grid connected' solar array, mounted on the roof! Plus they aspire to the lofty principles of healthy community, social equality and justice. And back this up by donating a percentage of their annual revenue to community-bed orgs and non-profits. May there be many more like 'em. ::SolarWebWorks ::EcoSky