Solar ReStore Battery Revives Your Phone When Away From Home

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Between camping trips, music festivals, and family reunions at the beach, you're probably planning to do a bit of traveling this summer. All of that time outside is good for recharging your soul, but it can be draining on your mobile devices. Although we're always hoping to "unplug" the truth is that many of those devices can come in handy when spending time away from home. The only problem is they need constant recharging too.

We've featured scores of solar-powered chargers over the years, but many of them have an annoying limitation: They require many hours in the direct sunlight in order to work. Not so with the ReVIVE Solar ReStore XL battery pack. This portable, solar-powered battery works with a wide variety of smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices and has the advantage of speed when it comes to off-grid charging.

Part of a family of battery products marketed by Accessory Power, the ReStore solar battery incorporates a high-efficiency solar panel with 300mA charging rate in direct sunlight. According to the company, the device can gather enough juice to charge a phone after only 3-5 hours exposure to direct sunlight. If you've got the time to charge the battery completely, leave it in the sun for around 12 hours or just hook it up to a USB power source for about 4-6 hours. The low-self discharge Li-polymer battery pack stores emergency power for weeks without degradation, so you can be confident that it will always be ready when you need it.

The ReStore solar battery comes with everything you see in the picture above, including a metal carabiner, window suction mounts and solar panel extender. Several early reviewers on Amazon claim these accessories come in quite handy, allowing them to charge the battery while driving in their car (even on cloudy days) or walking around at a California music festival. Additional features include 36-hour on-board LED light with flashlight and emergency settings and LED capacity indicator.

Available online for around $55

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